Monday, 31 August 2020

Strumble Diary 30/08/2020


When I arrived at the lookout I could see some splashes and lots of gannets out to the NE about a mile or so. Getting the Binos on them I could see there were a good number of common dolphin under twenty or so gannets. They were feeding well and remained there for fifteen minutes or so before charging off in a westerly direction crossing my view. I have tried to capture some of them on video to give you an idea of the scene but this is only about 40% of what I estimated to be 60-80 animals. 

Later it was the turn of the porpoise and as the tide increased a good number came in giving us a reasonable show although some remained distant. I'd estimate some 40 or so animals passed through over the three hours of action. A little excitement during the session as a group of very distant Rissos (4-5miles out) were really going for it with several breaches resulting in very large splashes easily visible in the excellent viewing conditions.