Tuesday, 30 June 2015

More Stunning Strumble Porp's from Ken Barnett

Gannets bombarding around feeding Porpoises

Gannet beneath waves behind two feeding Porpopises

Neonate baby Porpoise just surfacing behind mother

Surfy Porp Dude 

All images on this blog  are copyright  Sea Trust/ individual photographers: Ken Barnett. Ken caught these porps this morning feeding under about eighty Gannets !

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Ramsey Porp from Jack...

Jack Ford

to me
 Saw at least one porpoise today at 2:30 at South side of Ramsey near bitches , just off mainland coast. About 30 gannets as well. Hard to see because off rough sea state. But unusual to see because it was flood tide. Not ebb..  usually see them at St Davids Head at flood tide. See you soon

Fishguard Bottles Ian spots what I missed!

A call from Ian Hotchin told me I had missed a pod of around 5-6 bottles whilst I was on the breakwater which Ian and Sylvia had spotted from the cliffs above and I missed! My excuse was I was photographing a trio of Med gulls but I have to admit its not much of an excuse!

Friday, 26 June 2015

From Malcolm in Ramsay Sound, Porp's and Pups...

some nice porpoise action earlier this week in Ramsey Sound Mother's with small calves, lots of gannets with kittiwakes and Auks too,

....all feeding on sand eels big and small
Looking forward to the symposium at the Merlin with Anna Hall a top porpoise lady, see you all there!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Cow and Calf Bottles off Fishguard outer Breakwater today..

A quick visit to the outer breakwater with a couple from Sheffield staying in the area (Mrs/Mr Gay) made their holiday when a female bottle and her half grown calf showed up briefly! The female had a pale blaze on the upper leading edge of her dorsal which was similar to one seen and which I snapped last Sunday (see pic) Thanks to Carl Milne for getting the key for us

Catch up on Midsummer Minke's post!

It was really great to go out with Nick again on the Wildcat and here's a few more pic's from Tuesdays pelagic with Lloyd...  

Here they come!

Lloyd in action with the Go Pro

head up... Minke surfacing sequence...

The Sea Trust Team, 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pelagic 23 July

A great trip yesterday blessed with great weather and sea conditions and plenty of sightings. A big thanks to Lloyd Jones for inviting the Sea Trust team along and to Skipper of the Celtic Wildcat, Nick O'Sullivan, for getting us way out offshore and back safely and comfortably.

The best of the photos I took yesterday can be seen in a gallery by clicking on the exuberant Dolphin above.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

More Midsummer Minkes!

Lloyd Jones of Haven Diving Services invited the Sea Trust team to join them on the Celtic Wildcat on one of their shark filming expeditions therefore adding value to the trip by allowing us aboard to do a cetacean survey! Nice one Lloyd we were really grateful especially as the conditions were near perfect. As we motored out of the haven and just before we passed the heads we spotted what appeared to be a mother and calf  Harbor Porpoise and possibly another adult Harbor Porpoise
which we failed to get a shot of.

We had a bit of a sloppy swell from the previous days rough sea and heading south out of the Milford Haven  with  but little wind, the sea began to settle down and on the way out to the Shark mark we had Common Dolphins coming into the bow-wave.  It was a nice but brief encounter however  the idea was to stop and chum for Shark so we cut the engine and set up the chum trail.
At least one Shark did turn up but was frustratingly impossible to film or snap and after a long but not unpleasant spell of chumming we eventually gave up and headed back homewards and pretty immediately hit into more  Common Dolphins 

Variety is the spice of life and a  Minke Whale is a very spicy addition to what was already turning into a very satisfactory trip... More tomorrow ! 

Minke Whale - Strumble Head

Hi Cliff,
Had one this evening at 18.13 travelling East into the Bay but about three quarters of way out to horizon. Surfaced 5 times.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Ramsey porps

From Chris Grayell:
Saw mother and calf Porpoise in Ramsey Sound just south of the Bitches under Gannets yesterday.  About 1500 hours.