Saturday, 24 February 2018

Strumble Diary 24/02/2018

Another great morning at Strumble today with clear skies and although chilly was very enjoyable. The tide race was late to form with small tides at the moment but that didn't deter our little friends. There were a few moving around in the slower water but as the race got going more moved in and gave me a good hour or more of photo ops as they forraged in and along side the tide race. Two animals of note today both highlighted in the images below. They both have scarring to a certain degree and although only one has a scar on it's fin I'm sure they'll both make it into the catalogue of identifyable animals.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Strumble Diary 23/02/2018 PM

Following on from the AM session Lloyd (Volunteer) and myself  headed for Strumble to catch the ebbing tide and to give Lloyd his first outing with the Sea Trust camera kit. As we arrived so did Cliff and we set about scanning for porpoise out in the now well formed tide race. A short demo on shooting tactics for Lloyd and he was soon capturing his first images of porps as they moved through the tide. A worthwhile outing with many porps feeding well and a lot of dash and splash as they chased down their prey giving us a testing time trying to track them. As the light dropped away we decided to call it a day and return to HQ for Lloyd to download his first images and I have to say he did a good job for his first outing.

Strumble Diary 23/02/2018 AM.

Hopefully a two session day today with high ater falling shortly after noon. The morning was bright but with an increasing and quite cool easterly wind. I got there before the tide race formed but on these small tides when it did form it wasn't the usual river like flow of the big tides. It was evident from early on that at best it was going to be a meer stream. It did form though and did attract a few porps to within shooting distance. No dash and splash but rather a steady movement through the stream diverting to chase the odd fish coming through. It was a short period of action with it all being over in around 45 minutes and with no further sightings in the last hour of the session I headed back home.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Strumble Diary 22/02/2018

A calm day with fair to poor light for most of the session. The calmness of the water allowed for views of the porps way out to sea and over a 180deg arc there were very many porps visible. I would estimate in the region of 40-50 animals feeding well on the ebb flow from west of the lighthouse to a mile or two out and around to the east of Mackerel Point. It seemed that wherever I pointed my binoculars there were porps showing. So in the two hour session there were plenty of images to be had and it was nice to get several shots of paired porps and in one I managed three in the same shot. One marked porp, not a fin nick but a spot on the left flank. All in all a very enjoyable and productive session.

Otter from Chiara from Swansea University

Bumped into Chiara and colleague Anouska research assistants from Swansea University at Strumble yesterday. They were looking for seals so we sent them to a bay a mile or so to the north. On their return they had missed out on seals but lucked in on an otter!
Thanks for the images Chiara!