Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Strumble Diary 25/07/2017

I arrived at Strumble this morning just past the top of the flood tide and in the calm conditions saw several porps still moving around off the lookout. Porpoise were visible all through slack water although most had moved further out. As the ebb started to build several porps moved past through the tide race but as the rip got going most of the action moved off to the west of the lighthouse. All in all a good session with one marked animal being recorded and plenty of action to keep me busy.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Rich Stonier's Strumble Risso's

Risso's Dolphin - 3 pods of about 5 individuals in each.  Lots of leaping including one individual that performed over 15 consecutive sideways belly-flops.

Common Porpoise - Showing occasionally

Richard Stonier via Wdig Birder! 

Strumble Diary 24/07/2017

A lovely morning so it was back to it with myself and Leo arriving shortly before 10am. Wind from the NW 2-3 with a strong ebb flow just starting. A few porps visible at first with a drop off as the session went on. As expected the action moved west with the tide and several porps were observed foraging off the island. High point was a distant breech caught on camera for a change.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

An Extract from Hebrides Whale & Dolphin Group Blog

The daily blog is written by volunteers on the yacht Silurian. Survey cruises are 7 or 10 days. This was so amusing I had to share it with Sea Trust fans. (I was also extremely jealous) #HUMPBACKWHALES So there we were holding flippers on our first date , we thought it would be a treat to go up the Minch & check out this rare sighting of the humans on their boat. our location was given away by a swooping gannet. Rather than scare them we thought we would get their attention by leaping out of the water & waving to them. It worked, it was magical they came right up to us...i looked one in the eye & it looked right back at me. I think it might be intelligent. We swam around the boat several times. We kept them on their toes by coming up when they least expected it, blowing and surfacing. We alternated sides, looking for identifying features. We checked out bearing, number of animals spotted & behaviour. My date dared me to show a bit of fluke, so i gave them a quick flash. I think they took some photos. I hope it doesn't go viral on social media , my mum will kill me. We caught a whiff of sweet potato & peanut stew, but we'd already been around for half an hour & we didn't want to disturb their feeding behaviour so we let them go on their way & headed North for some humpy times....

Ramsey Sound Porpoises from Powell and Mwnt Common Dolphins from Rich Dobbins'

Good porpoise sightings at Penllechwen Ramsey Sound)  today.  Surface rushing, tail slapping, shallow swimming, group interactions.   Regards, Powell, 

 From Richard Dobbins via Wdig birder circa 30 common dolphins passing Mwnt Ceredigion today.  Its quite unusual for commons to penetrate this far north into Cardigan Bay so a good record.
Thanks guys!

Friday, 21 July 2017

Sea Trust breakwater dolphin watches...

Sea Trust is taking groups out dolphin watching on the Outer Breakwater of Fishguard Harbour this summer as a fundraiser We cant guarantee they will be there but they were yesterday afternoon.
They put on quite a show and at a fiver a head every one thought it was a great deal!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Risso's rarer this year, seen from S

It has not been a great year for Risso's whereas in recent years they have been seen most months often in numbers both from the shore and from the ferry. I fear military exercises in the spring may have been responsible... The helicopters we saw here, off the Pembrokeshire coast from the Stena Europe in early April use anti submarine dipping technology. Basically they dangle sonar transmitters into the sea and emit low frequency sound. I am no expert but we do know naval anti submarine sonars can be devastating to submerged cetaceans as well as submarines.
As deep divers Risso's would be particularly vulnerable.
My concerns may be unsupported inasmuch we dont know where or if such weapons were deployed, but it would be odd to have a naval exercise that did not include anti submarine missions.
I realise that we need adequate defences against ever evolving weapons that may be used against us by regimes that care little for human like far less animals. None the less the time money and effort invested in potentially exterminating human beings either singly or en mass, and all the other life forms on this planet does seem illogical.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Breakwater porpoises last Sunday...

Forgot to mention that although the dolphins failed to show on Sunday, we did spot at least 3 distant porpoises off towards bottles can kill porpoises, so its not surprising that they have been scarce recently.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Strumble Diary 18/07/2017

A wierd sort of day today at strumble. The light wasn't the best the tide was in good flow but the porps were being very shy. They were there but it was more dash and splash than show and flash. We were seeing the odd fin here or there but nothing of any note except at one time a few were showing very far out. So despite my best attempts out of a very low eighteen shots taken only three were remotely suitable to show on the blog the remainder being just spray or a very small fin tip. However it's still a record of them being there even if they didn't want to be seen easily.

Stevo's report...

Stephen Lucas

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to me

Monday 17th July

Mum, Dad and I went down the North Breakwater at 5pm. And we saw 2
Bottlenose Dolphins feeding with the gannets. We stayed down there
from 5:15pm till 6:15pm.
The sea conditions was good and we also saw 1 seal.
The Bottlenose Dolphins were in spectacular display.
One was dark the other light we think they were. Ringo and Apache.