Thursday, 26 May 2016

Porp Video 26/5/16

So many porps around today and feeding relatively close together off mackerel point that it allowed for a bit of video footage. Keep in mind this was just a 1:47  snapshot of what turned out to be a fantastic session. See also stills in previous post.

Great Day at Strumble 26/5/16

I arrived about four hours before low water (1pm) in between tides and wasn't expecting much action at that time. However, as soon as I got set up there was action aplenty to the east of mackerel point. Never before have I seen such sustained active feeding over such a wide range and by so many poorpoise. They were everywhere it seemed. As the tide ebbed the action came more in front of the lookout and a bit distant but still very vigourous feeding. This went on until I left shortly before 4pm and off to the west as I walked away I could still see tham darting around. If you view this post soon after I post it I will also be posting a short video clip as and when it's uploaded.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Strumble diary 25 5 16 They were only playing leapfrog?

Early shift again this morning, tide running like an express train  all the action on the tide-edge. Seemed to be quite a lot of animals interacting with leapfrogging taking place on several occsions although I failed to capture it. Seemed to me it could be three animals possibly a female and two males with the males fighting over the females attention, well maybe?

If you go back to Kens post of the nineteenth you will see one animal actually headbutting the other with enough force to  lift it out of the water! I don't think they are just playing games!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Strumble Diary 24/5/16 Part II

As expected on the ebb tide of late the feeding was fast and furious with what I call a lot of dash and splash. 137 images taken and over 90% had the fin/body obscured by water spalsh. The porps were all over the tide race with lots of gulls and gannets in attendance. They were mostly hunting individually with the odd pair moving together. An hour or so before low water and it was like someone flicked a switch and it was all over with just the odd animal showing beyond the tide race.

Strumble Diary 24/5/16 Part I

Out early this morning to get the top of the flood tide and met the Porpmeister firmly seated at Strumble. We observed several porps out in the tide race that was strong and running to the NE. Nothing startling to report although it was comical watching a Gannet doing not so much a dive but a belly flop to take a Garfish that was just beneath the surface. It was like a skimmimg stone with a tumble and crash at the end.  Hopefully I'll get another session in on the ebb tide later.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Strumble diary 23 5 16

Went to Strumble with Chris just as the porpoises were retreating by the lighthouse in the ebbing tide.

Really distant and pretty frustrating with lots of gannets showing where they should be but really hard to connect . Either way got a couple of half decent shots...

Strumble diary 22 5 16

A couple of sessions yesterday one eraly and one late not epic but plenty of porpoises with at least two mothers and calves

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Strumble diary 21/5/16, last minute porp

We have been at a conference for two days and Ken was away so I just got to Strumble before the light was gone several porpoises showing but I only managed this one shot!

Friday, 20 May 2016

From Elfyn Pugh at Strumble...

Good morning Cliff,

At 8.35am today there was a single Risso’s only 150-200 ft below the observation building at Stumble. It caught me by surprise as I didn’t expect to see one that close! At 8.45am three animals surfaced off Ynys Meicel one was a very pale animal. I think they were possibly females and/or adolescents as they were’t particularly big. This was the best views I have had of Risso’s from Strumble.

All the best Elfy
Risso's Strumble  archive  CB.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Strumble Diary 19/5/16

I wasn't intending to go out today as I'm off to visit my grandchildren later. I did manage to grab an hour though before the rain stopped play. I got to Strumble on the start of the ebb tide and the race was just starting to form off the point. Numerous gannets and other birds were patroling the stretch in front of the lookout and it soon became apparent that there were porps from a mile out to the NW to half a mile or so beyond mackerel point towatd Fishguard Bay. Feding was vigourous with porps madly dashing around after fish. Several pairs were observed as well as some larger groups moving in from the NW. The weather wasn't brilliant for images with the light getting poorer as the rain front moved in.
     I was delighted though to capture a sequence of images purely by chance of one pair as seen below. It's a set of four images and it went something like this. Imagine you're a porp just swiming along after a bit of dashing around (Image one). Next thing you're being lifted from below (image two) Hang about, what's going on? Someone doesn't like me hunting here and want's me off their patch (images three and four). All he had to do was say excuse me. A bit of fun narrative I know but behaviour I've not seen before. We often see leapfrogging but not an all out assault.

Have a great weekend everyone.