Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Strrumble Diary 07/07/2020

With Leo the porp hound safely dropped off at the groomers I only had a couple of hours for today's session. It was after high tide and I didn't really expect too much in the way of action. With limited time I settled for staying at the car park and with the car strategically positioned to give me shelter from the wind I settled into my seat and looked out over the dying swirls of the flood tide. First off were a couple of single sightings of porpoises travelling through. A while passed and I thought that would be it when I spotted a group of around six porpoise moving SW and approaching the island.   
  They stopped for a few minutes obviously feeding as they went affording me the chance of a few images before they rounded the island and headed off toward St Davids. I had reached the end of my limited time so had to head back to pick up my boy. Bonus of the session was a marked porpoise for the Fin ID Project.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Strumble Diary 02/07/2020

An early start today to catch the dropping tide. Quiet when I arrived but with the tide race starting to flow things soon heated up. Some very active feeding to start with and I struggled to get many shots as they sped along through the choppy waters of the race. It took a while to get my rhythm going again after the long spell away but as I got my eye in there were some lovely shots to be had as they surfed like pros. I'm sure our Lloyd a keen surfer would have been very jealous at the ease with which they used the swells to their advantage.

Four porps in this one

Note the mother and calf submerged

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Strumble diary 01/07/2020

Another month, another day and another story. Over the past 4-5 weeks Strumble has produced more than it's fair share of marine wildlife especially the cetaceans. Starting with reports of several Rissos dolphins over a few days mixed in with our local porpoises, then we had a three day period where we spotted several Minke Whales and in the last two days we've had Common dolphin followed today by two Bottlenose heading east into the bay, no doubt part of the Cardigan Bay pod returning.

 The porpoise were poor today with only a few brief sightings but seeing the Bottlenose more than made up for it. On returning to Goodwick I had a message from Lloyd and Holly who were at Pen Anglas saying that there were dolphins heading in toward the breakwater. Off I went then and discovered there were three this time. Two were the same ones that had passed Strumble earlier and one other individual. As they approached the two peeled off and headed north east leaving the individual to come all the way in. A few photos to confirm ID's and it was soon over as the individual too headed out. All in all a good day I'd say.

One of the pair seen at Strumble

The third individual.

One from New Zealand!

"Beached Az" This giant Sunfish was the victim of the very strong onshore winds last week. Its a little sad to see such a gentle and interesting creature lying so far from its element.

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Sunfish from Richard!...

Morning Cliff.Sunfish spotted off Pen Anglas last Thursday. It was very small. First sighting for me for about ten years! Richard Davies ( ex Ship Inn), Lower Town.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

and a bit of wobbly video!

Strumble diary add on!

So I arrived to find Ken set up at the lookout and Lloyd on Mackerel point. It was pleasant/warmish though overcast , We spotted odd porp's as Ken already described , along with the little group that came past closer than I have ever seen in forty years!
Not up to Kens standards, but a couple of shots just to give a taste of what Lloyd was seeing!

Strumble diary 30/06/2020

What a difference in two days. As rough as it was yesterday it was very calm today but spoiled by low cloud, lots of drizzle patches and very low light. Not so good for the photos then so today's shots are mostly for the record. Having said that it was another of those days when you get thrown a curve ball as Strumble has a nack of doing at times. So yesterday I had a single porpoise close in and beating that today were five porpoise close in including a mother and calf and one marked animal resighting, but it started off with a trio of common dolphin as I arrived mostly shrouded in the misty drizzle. Anyway back to the porpoise.
   They were first sighted just inside the tide race straight out from the lookout at about 800mtrs. They made their way closer and closer eventually entering a small bay between the lookout and Makerel Point. Lloyd, one of the Sea Trust staff happened to be fishing on the point and had a cracking view of this group close up as they made their way past the point right in front of him. Some thirty minutes or so later they returned back around the point, came right under the lookout and headed off around the lighthouse and off to the west.

Monday, 29 June 2020

Strumble Diary 29/06/2020

Yes folks the Strumble Diary is back up and running. With the coast path now re-opened and with the continuing Covid distancing regs still firmly in mind I will be commencing my regular surveys at Strumble.
 So today was a challenge with a very stiff westerly blow causing quite a stir as the tide was rising. Not a big tide today so the race was later forming. When it did though a good number of porpoise came through with an estimate of 30+ in total. One group of 6-8 porps were group feeding for a good twenty minutes out in the race with a lot of dash and splash with animals going in all directions as they herded their prey. Most of the others were in two's and three's with the odd individual passing as well. So here's looking forward to some more great sightings and the chance to bring all these encounters to you lovely folks out there.

Ken. B.

And more Sunfish from George Bevan!

I have seen on the western telegraph that I should reports of any sunfish spotted in Pemb's
I saw 2 in at  St Brides bay this week off the boat
If you want anymore info please let me know