Monday, 1 September 2014

Caldey Porps

Two Mother and  calf pairs of Porpoises around midday today in Caldey Sound near the NW end of St Margaret's Island.

Risso's rumbling at Strumble....

Moby-Dick June 2013.

Couldn't resist "rumbling" but they have been giving some pretty good value over the past few days . Yesterday they were very distant but the Strumble Team were well equipped with  telescopes as were a couple from Staffordshire who were thrilled by the show. For at least an hour a group of about eight including juveniles surfaced tail slapped, spyhopped, breached and generally frolicked about two miles away. One was very large and white and was probably Moby-Dick  an animal last seen off the Tusker Rock last year. Sadly they got no closer and without the expertise and equipment of our group would not have been seen. 

Strumble porpoise

From Tony Fulford:
Thursday 28 Aug at 19:00 we saw a small group maybe 2 or 3 porpoises surfacing briefly at Strumble Head, observed for maybe 10 minutes.

Visible to the naked eye (just about) and better with binoculars straight out from the observation shelter, level with the two small red/orange buoys.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Strumble Head 31st August.

Another good day with the Risso's dolphins with a single then a group of 8 one of which at one point breached ten times consecutively while going east into the bay. The same group came out back west a couple of hours later with what looked like the same individual breaching frequently again. Interestingly they were then followed what we described as a "safe distance" away by two quite large individuals who did appear to be shadowing them ?
While this was all happening I had a very large animal leap totally clear of the water & make an untidy "Belly Flop" type breach, not a Cetacean most likely a Basking Shark.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Strumble Head 30th August.

Lots of Porpoises showing & a pod of 10 Common Dolphins plus late on 2 Risso's ( 1 very big ) & a single one earlier on. It's the place to be !

Friday, 29 August 2014

Porp's a plenty in North Pembrokeshire!

Anna Bunney (ORCA Wildlife Officer, DFDS Seaways) just popped in this morning to tell us she had been watching Common Dolphins feeding with Porpoises off Pen Anglas Point (Fishguard Bay) this morning, Nice one Anna!
Meanwhile I popped down to a very stormy Strumble this  morning where Rich stonier was already filling his boots with Great, Cory's and Sooty Shearwaters as well of lots of other good seabirds. He also had a brief view of a Risso's and there were lots of Porpoises showing in the white water!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Stormy Strumble still delivers the goods!

Porpoise recorded at Strumble Head and Pebbly Beach (Fishguard Bay today with Risso's sighted by Richard Stonier, Chris Grayell and Wdigbirder which considering the stormy conditions is pretty good going!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Strumble Diary..

Verena,  a German Student who volunteered with us in 2010-11 has come back to see us, so we went to Strumble so  she could get some porpoises.  Rich Stonier was on station and had seen a big pod of 50-60 Common Dolphins pass by at speed heading towards St David's about an hour before we got there. None the less Porpoises were showing well under the Gannets so Verena saw her first Porpoises for three years !
Lets hope we manage to show her some more cetaceans before she goes home! 

Old photos

Just had these photos through from Andy Rickard - all taken from the Cartlett Lady around Pembrokeshire in the 80's and 90's!
Male Orca 1990's

Leatherback turtle nr. The Smalls 1989

Basking shark

Risso's dolphin 1990's

Monday, 25 August 2014

Common dolphin

Skokholm to St Annes Head- Sat pm, 7:00pm ish - in a rib we spotted several dolphins breaching , went to investigate and was previleged to be entertained for 10 mins or so by pod of 20 plus common dolphins - in front , underneath and right alongside boat several juveniles, v small - have some great video. Jim

Jim pickering

Video -