Saturday, 23 July 2016

Bottles continue to hang around Fishguard harbour!

Apache and Ringo yesterday..

We caught up with Apache and Ringo yesterday around midday and today a single animal was cruising around in the vicinity of the harbour mouth. I am not sure who it was, possibly Apache but i forgot my camera due to change of car, so no pic's of this one. It did  gently tail slap quite frequently, as if trying to make contact with someone else. As I could not get any  ID features its difficult to be sure if it was definitely just the single animal. It just goes to show the impossibility of actually counting dolphins!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Strumble Head 20th July 16

In my two hour watch I saw just a single Porpoise, however at 16.40 while watching some gannets circling at approx. tide race distance a Whale breached once at probably the same distance out again. Minke is most likely but I never saw it subsequently to confirm that.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Apache and Ringo still in residence!

We have been flat out  busy working on our marine exhibition over the past couple of weeks and combined with some iffy weather has interrupted our Strumble Diary...However we have been keeping tabs on the  outer breakwater and our semi resident mother and calf Bottlenose  Dolphins "Apache" and "Ringo". 
They come and go a bit and seem really shy, but they are pretty much there every day.we are doing a fund raising dolphin walk on Sunday: Meet Ocean  Lab, Fishguard Harbour, @2:45 pm  and hopefully Apache and Ringo will turn up as well! £5 per person!

Here's some shots of Ringo and Apache today!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Apache and Ringo today.

Stevo and Joel were out on the breakwater today and saw Ringo and Apache this afternoon.We were out earlier and no joy! It was a  stiff northerly messing up the sea a bit, so easy to miss so they could have been there, They have been  bit sneaky recently!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

From Glenn Ibbotson from Strumble!

Strumble yesterday]. At least 7 dolphin fairly close in-but Common rather than Bottlenose. they were very bouyant and so gave clear views of face patterns and even occasionally a creamy-yellow wash on the sides of the head. One individual had a particularly 'rearing' action when breaching the surface at a steeper angle than the others. Another had a clear notch 3/4 way up its fin's trailing edge. Also one calf, which jumped right out and performed a quarter-roll. There had been at least 2 Porpoises around, but they gave the Magnificent Seven [+] a very wide berth! All this between 1-45 to 3'30pm See you soon, G lenn
Brilliant report Glen and first Strumble CD's of the year , many thanks!

Monday, 11 July 2016

Sea Trust Breakwater Dolphin Walks...

You don't have to go on a boat to see Dolphins! This afternoon we took this family of visitors from Nottinghamshire out to see some Dolphins on one of our Breakwater Dolphin Walks. They saw their first ever Dolphins and were thrilled! not bad for a fiver per person, which helps us to keep Sea Trust afloat. If you would like to join us on one, give us a bell on (01348) 874737 between 10: and 1:30... (limited spaces) Next Breakwater Dolphin walk at 3 pm tomorrow.

Strumble Head 11th July.

Hi Seatrust people,

Did an early stint at the lookout this morning ( 06.45 - 09.15 ), it took a while for any Porps to show themselves but I eventually picked up a few feeding under Gannets on the far side of Mackeral Rock. There was quite a large number & a lot of activity from the Gannets this morning & soon some Porps then appeared in front of the lookout reasonably close. 

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Fishguard Harbour mother and calf porpoises 10/7/16

Emma and  daughter Heather came to volunteer today after a bit of a gap whilst Emma was doing her exams. I took them onto the breakwater in the hope of seeing some Dolphins but we were unsuccessful with only a rather smart Turnstone to show for our efforts. 

 We started driving back down the breakwater and Emma suddenly let out a yell and we stopped a bit sharpish to try and see waht it was she had seen... 

Surprise surprise a small back and triangular fin popped up no more than 40 metres away and Emma shouted Porpoise! Unusually,they were so close I overlooked them and it took me a minute to get them in the camera lens,

It was then we realised there were two, a mother and calf!They made their way parallel with the Breakwater  with us following trying to get pic's

 I missed with a lot more shots than I hit with but these are not too bad and another record for our archive! I think Emma and Heather were pretty pleased!

The porpoises began to make their way back out and disappeared in the distance a lovely little encounter! 

Friday, 8 July 2016

Fishguard Harbour Bottles and Strumble porpoises 8/7/16

A day of two contrasting halves, overcast with Bottlenose Dolphins in the morning at Fishguard Harbour and brighter with Porpoises at Strumble Head this afternoon
We actually had two shots at the Bottles, a short session  at about 10 - 10.30 and then another short session from 11.15-12  with Apache and Ringo looking shifty and ill at ease with another dolphin keeping its distance. Its not always clear who is who in poor light and when they are surfacing randomly and inconsistently. Luckily in the pic below it is just possible to make out Ringo's eye ring.

The afternoon brightened up and veteran Sea Trust supporter Adrian Roger suggested a Strumble session. The ebb tide was well advanced and most of the porpoises were west of the lighthouse but a couple of gannets revealed the presence of one or two porpoises feeding in a vicious tide rip coming off Mackerel Rock. They were mainly lost in the waves but i did manage a couple of shots.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Fishguard Dolphin Diary...

Good old Kenny  well done mate! While Ken has been away from Strumble  We have been busy working on our marine life exhibition over the past couple of weeks so not much time to get out there as we would have liked,

Yesterday a quick visit to the northern breakwater produced a close view of Apache and Ringo who for no apparent reason headed off as just we arrived without giving me a chance of a shot at them. Maybe we were just too late at the end of the ebb. Today we had a similar experience and again no shot. For some reason they are acting unobtrusive. They seem to be pretty edgy showing little and infrequently.
I came back as the tide began to turn and found them hanging around  about half a mile away off Pen Coed  which is where they were heading off towards when last we saw them . It seems probable that they had hung around there for at least three hours.
There were at least three animals, two I think were Apache and Ringo and another adult with a ragged edge to the trailing edge of its dorsal but I could not get a picture...These were all I got!