Friday, 28 April 2017

Strumble diary: Missing Ken but the porp's are still there!

Sadly Ken has been away on an errand of mercy this week but Rens, Laura and I shot down to Strumble for a quick half hour session and found the porpoises just beginning to show on the ebb. The light was poor and the porpoises distant and showing sporadically which was pretty frustrating but I got a few shots!

Stena-Sea Trust Dolphin Day...Saturday June 10th

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Hi everyone! 
Stena Line are changing their sailing times which will mean that we can do a day trip in daylight hours sailing at 13.10 pm and returning to Fishguard by 9.30 pm. Apparently the train schedule will also be altered to coincide with these sailings. (to be confirmed).
We have negotiated a deal to celebrate this with Stena whereby they are welcoming Sea Trust supporters with a special low foot passenger fare,of £20 + a £5 donation to Sea Trust, including a one course meal and non alcoholic drink. Obviously we cant have everyone up on the bridge but Team Sea Trust can relay sightings to people on deck ten, behind the bridge, so hopefully people can see the dolphins etc as we pass by.
Its a bit of a work in progress and of course there are no guarantees but if the weather gods are with us it will be a great time to be out there. If not it will still be great to get together in the bar on the return journey. If you are interested in joining us, email asap, allthingsgood, cliff

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Strumble Diary 23/04/2017 Part 2

Well I did manage to get a second session in today and arrived as the flood tide race was forming. Several porps already present at distance and shortly thereafter a group of three passed close in offering some excellent shots in the afternoon sunshine. Not as many evident as previous days but still enough action to keep me on my toes with things dying down an hour or so from high tide. All in all another excellent days porpoise watching.

Strumble Diary 23/04/2017 Part 1

I'm calling this part 1 as I hope to get another session in later today. The aim of this mornings session was to see if the ebb tide is producing as many porps as what we've been having on the flood tides this past week and I wasn't disappointed. As I walked from the car to the lookout several porps were feeding in front of the lookout when one of them did the highest breech I've seen from a porpoise almost loosing momentum in mid air and belly flopping with a huge splash. Wish I'd caught that on camera. The ebb flow was well underway and a look out to the west revealed twenty or more porps feeding vigourously in the tide race. I caught the tail end of two further breeches but at a distance. The closer porps eventually moved west too leaving one which hung around quite close in for a further twenty minutes or so. Session started at 08.45 and ceased at 10.30.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Strumble Diary 22/04/2017

What a day!!!   The north wind was cold and fresh but that didn't stop the porps. When I arrived an old colleague of mine and his wife were sat by the lookout and had started spotting the odd porp. We watched and chatted awhile as the sightings increased then they needed to go and warm up so I was left on my own. An hour or so in and the action started with first one group, then another all foraging well. The action was fast and furious with porps seemingly wherever I looked and by this time all feelings of cold had gone and it was eyes to the viewfinder and rattle off the shots. Porps were arriving from all directions with quite a few gannets in attendance too. Another surprise for me was the appearance of an old photography friend from South Wales who was visiting the area so together we caught up and marvelled at the number of porps before us. It was nice to hook up again Lesley and I hope you had a safe journey home. So from porps underwater, over water and everthing else in between it was an exceptional session with another count well in the forties I'd say. To top it off I discovered another marked/damaged porp for the ID project so happy days.