Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Fishguard Harbour Porps

Having given a slide show presentation for the Letterston Stroke club which was enjoyed by all, it was almost four a clock when Chantelle and I got out on the breakwater, The westerly wind was making things quite choppy and the light fading. As we drove along the breakwater there were a couple of Gannets circling  around the harbour mouth which when we arrived and had a look, gave away the presence of at least two perhaps three Porpoises. I had them in my viewfinder a couple of times but failed to get a shot in the difficult conditions. None the less it was a nice winter record and Chantelle's first Porp's of the year!

Monday, 9 January 2017

Strumble Diary 09/01/2017

Firstly, reading Chris's post, it's nice to know I'm inspiring people to get out there and take some shots. Nicely done Chris.

With a westerly 5-6 blowing and scattered cloud altering the light, conditions were challenging but at least the porps were there. Quite a few in fact which was nice to see as they've been low in numbers of late. Leo the porp hound was on watch too and as can be seen below was diligently watching over the sea. He's getting quite used to our little watch sessions now and can't wait to get out of the car when we arrive there. Doggy binos next Christmas I think.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Southerndown Porpoises

Photo taken by Steve Jones, DLA, Porthcawl RNLI from his own boat off Southerndown, Vale of Glamorgan yesterday Saturday 7th January.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

From Ramsey Sound with Chris Pierpoint

Hello Cliff, 
I was down at Ramsey Sound today, and timed it just right to watch porpoises as they passed the copper mines on the early ebb tide.  I’m attaching a few photos – I was feeling inspired by spending some time with Ken a while back as he photographed leaping porps at Strumble.  It was really rough in the south Sound today against the SE’ly wind, but as always a wonderful experience.  There was a peregrine on the prowl, and a few nice med gulls among the black-heads. 

I was down there yesterday too, during the flood, and counted 4 x ad med gulls, 2 x ad kittiwakes, 3 x imm common gulls among the many hundreds of black-headed gulls that were feeding close in to the rocks.  Does anyone have the low-down on precisely what these gulls are feeding on?  Maybe herring eggs – perhaps the same as the huge flocks off Fishguard Bay in December (and Cardigan Island-Mwnt in late October).  I think the herring season is a bit of an annual wildlife spectacle, a David Attenborough moment, which goes largely unnoticed by most folk these days.

Anyway, all very best. Chris.

Strumble Diary 05/01/2017

Propper brass monkey weather at Strumble today with a southerly wind that was surprisingly cold. No swells to speak of with the wind off the land but some turbulent water out in the tide race. A very short session as I had other things to do but I did manage to spot and capture a few porps before they moved NE on the flood tide. Stevo and Joel put in a brief appearance and Cliff arrived as I was leaving although talking to him later it appears he didn't see any more after I left.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Strumble Diary 04/01/2017

The weather was not very kind to us today and the forecast clearing of cloud seemed a long way from actuality. The north wind produced a choppy sea with medium swells coming straight at the lookout. The result was plenty of troughs for the porps to be hidden in. That set the scene for a scrappy session where we saw more fin tips than bodies with only one or two opportunities for images at all. I was joined by Cliff and Rhian from Cardiff who had stayed over after the Monday public porp watch. A shorter than planned session due to the weather and low light conditions so let's hope things improve for the days ahead.

The second image below shows a typical sighting from today.

Ken and Rhi'(cb)

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

A couple of Stevo's shots from Strumble yesterday!

Porthcawl Porpoise

I set out this morning on my first Porthcawl survey of 2017. Conditions at home (7 miles from the sea) were perfect. I reached Rest Bay in a  NW 2  breeze and light swell, set up my telescope and then checked sea conditions through binoculars before starting. I was horrified. Sea state 3 while I was expecting 1. As I was assessing sea state a porpoise popped up about 500m away and this is very close for Porthcawl. What a lovely way to start 2017 surveys. I stayed for an hour and picked up another porp about a mile out.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Our most unsuccessful ever New Years Day Porpoise watch was a huge success !

That is to say we had at least 60 people of all ages who came and enjoyed the watch at Strumble, Given we had to cancel yesterdays watch and switch dates for today quite a remarkable turnout! It was just a pity the Porpoises let them down! To be fair with a bright sun and a short choppy sea they might have been there but viewing conditions were abysmal! 

None the less we began our petition to get Strumble protected as a Harbour Porpoise SAC so the "2017 Year of the Welsh Porpoise" campaign has kicked off in style! A big thank you to all our volunteers and supporters that came along to make it such a nice event despite the cold!
Thankfully Easter this year is in mid April so our next Porpoise watch on Sunday the 16th of April should be a bit warmer with the first swallows coming in off the sea and hopefully a few porpoises as well!

Its on! come and join us at Strumble!

A day late again! but the weather looks good and we will be at Strumble this afternoon for our New Years Porpoise Watch. Sea Trust is declaring "2017, The Year of the Welsh Porpoise" Help us to get them properly protected! Porp watch starts @14:30 (half past two) at Strumble Head Lookout . Wrap up warm bring binoculars and something or someone to keep you warm and with a bit of luck it could be as good as last year! allthingsgood, cliff