Friday, 19 October 2018

Strumble Diary 19/10/2018

It was well into the ebb tide when I arrived this morning but thankfully there were still some porps hanging around. A more pleasant morning than the day before as the wind had moved around to the south. Sightings were intermittent though and as the tide reached bottom so the porps moved away. With a bit of time to spare I went in search of our local seals and to see if I could see the injured one sighted a week or so ago. No luck on that front but there was a single pup on the pebble beach under the lighthouse (sadly not in a good position for photos) and a few other older seals moving around in the lagoon to the right of the bridge. I've included some images of them for you wildlife lovers.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Another Glorious Rissos Day

Again the NE wind was rattling around the lookout keeping things a lot colder than it looked in the Autumn sunshine. But all thoughts of cold soon go away when you see five Rissos rounding the lighthouse and moving across in front of you. Two large pale adults and three juveniles moving up to the NE and some 250mtrs out, A lovely sight as they are so graceful cutting the water with hardly a splash. I was joined later in the session for a brief while by fellow watcher Derek from Clarbeston Road and it was his first visit of the season. Sadly despite my best efforts I failed to get him onto the returning Rissos as they passed back heading west a half mile or so out. Better luck next time Derek.  The porpoise were again quite late in the tide and were quite far out. I estimate around fifteen all together but mostly they were moving quickly with a lot of dash and splash but I did manage to capture a few.

Delighted For Them

Thanks for the link Richard. Well worth a look and what an experience for them.

Tenby Bottles

See here for a BBC News story on an amazing encounter for a group of young sailors with a pod of Bottle Nose Dolphins close into Tenby yesterday.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Strumble Diary 16-17/10/2018

The survey on the 16th was a very quiet affair on a very neap tide indeed. Not much of a tide race at all and only two porpoise sighted right at the beginning of the session. The low sunlight did allow for some excellent opportunities to capture some visiting Wheatears for you bird lovers though. Today the 17th was a different matter with a reversal of the light conditions. Gone was the sunshine and high cloud gave a flat dull light over the sea. The porps were there though, not in big numbers and they were quite hard to spot but at least they were there.  


Porthcawl Porpoises

It has been a long poor summer for porpoises in the Porthcawl end of the Bristol Chanel. No porpoises seen since May despite doing one survey in good conditions every month - June July August and September. I even consulted local boat fishermen in case I was loosing my touch but they confirmed nothing seen. As I set out to my watch point this morning I bumped into 2 anglers so I asked them. Yes whiting beginning to show and 4 porps off the lighthouse on Saturday. After 59 minutes of my hour survey I was still blank when up popped 2 adults and a juvie. They are back!!

Monday, 15 October 2018

Strumble Diary 15/10/2018

My first outing since the rain and gales of the past week or so on an afternoon ebb tide. With the wind from the NE coupled with small tides I wasn't expecting much and indeed the porpoise were low in numbers but at least were there. The Rissos were more numerous though with several seen distantly throughout the three hours or so that I was there. I even managed to get a porpoise and Rissos in the same shot which given the general lack of porpoise was quite lucky really. A couple of Chough were hanging around and one landed close by so I've put a couple of shots in for you bird lovers too.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Strumble Diary 07/10/2018

A lovely sunny start to the morning as I arrived at Strumble but high cloud soon moved in giving a softer more even light. A few brief sightings of porpoise off mackerel point just before the tide race formed and that turned out to be the most I would see of them. However out to the NW in the direction where the porpoise normally come in from the gannets were really going for it. A closer look revealed twenty to thirty common dolphin feeding vigorously right across the ebb tide surge pushing out in front of me. They stayed out there feeding for nearly two hours and gradually moved a bit closer before rushing off en mass to the west. It was some time after they left before the porpoise ventured into the distant reaches of the now streaming tide race but sadly not close enough for any images. With no further action pending I ventured over to the lighthouse to see if there were any seal pups still in the coves and to see if that tangle damaged adult was around. Just one pup present and it looks like it's about ready to leave within the next few days and no sign of the other.