Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Strumble Diary 14/09/2021 Volunteers Delight.

A bright sunny morning for a change and it was off to an early start on the flood tide. Hopeful of seeing the Rissos again today I set up my kit and started the session. It just felt like one of those days when everything was coming together. Calm seas, excellent light and porpoise (although distant) already showing before the tide race had formed. About forty minutes in and sure enough out to the NW at about 1/2 mile the unmistakable tall fins of some Rissos. Mostly heading to the NE and I feared not coming close enough for decent images. Thinking it might be the same pod that I had seen previously I was wondering if this were the four big adults then where were the younger ones. Well I didn't have to wait long to find out. 

Holly, Ruby and Anna arrived for their session just as the juniors arrived almost in front of the lookout and about 200mtrs out. They cruised around for a while and we all got some tidy shots in the bag. This was Anna's first encounter with Rissos and Holly's and Ruby's  first of the year so you can imagine the delight all round when the Rissos turned toward us and came within thirty feet or so from the rocks in front of us. I have to say I was on a high too as they showed how graceful they move through the water and the shots I managed to get were very pleasing. It's not often we get close encounters like this but they stay with you for quite a while and I know that long after summer vanishes this day will be recalled in my mind many times. Just Stunning!!