Thursday, 19 February 2009

Ferry Survey - Dolphins

Another ferry survey, the Rosslare to Fishguard leg completed in perfect conditions of sea state and overcast skies. Porpoises in groups, porpoises with calves , porpoises creating beautiful lingering footprints as little flotillas of auks cruised past leafing a wake on the glassy surface of the southern Irish Sea. From the Ferry passing Strumble at a mile and a half + we did not get such a close view but I saw several specks in the distance inshore that I thought indicated quite a lot of porp activity
Back home later and I decided to get the view from Strumble. I met up with an old acquaintance, Cliff Watson who told me he has been watching the porpoises earlier and estimated 50+, but according to him activity had slowed down considerably but I managed two slow scan counts of 43 and 51 which confirmed his estimate albeit as a low one, probably closer to 90/ 100 + On occasions they were actually logging, cliff saw some breaching earlier but the general impression was of extremely laid back porpoises mostly in twos and threes but some in groups of 15+ spread over a very wide area.
I did not try a click count as *I was talking to cliff and just enjoying the close of a great day but I suspect my clicker would have seized up anyway! allthingsgood, cliff