Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Fishguard - Rosslare Ferry Survey

I joined Cliff Benson on a Seatrust ferry survey on 24/25 February. The outward leg yesterday was in ideal conditions for Cetacean sighting - glassy calm with bright overcast cloud cover. We didn't see any Dolphins on the trip but had a total of 27 Porpoises spread right across the Irish Sea - mainly singles but a few groups of two's and three's, nearly all adults. Several were seen resting or 'logging' on the surface.
The return leg this morning was much less productive with just 2 Porpoises - one at each end of the crossing. This was probably largely due to the conditions with a sea state of 2 or 3 and a bright, low sun which, though making for a much warmer trip than yesterday, hampered observation.