Sunday, 1 March 2009

High tide, single porp

It was a bright and breezy start to St Dewi's Day at Strumble with a really hard running inner tide race hugging the shore at Strumble before curling out towards Strumble Bank. It was getting towards high water with a WNW breeze chopping things up and bright sun causing a lot of sparkle. All in all not good conditions but I searched the glassy overfalls in the hope of a sighting. After a couple of minutes a small back and fin appeared and started moving along the ribbon of smoother water up tide. It looked about half grown with the blunted features that young porps have, proportionately smaller head and dorsal. I waited for mum to turn up but did not see her.In the confused seas around the tide race she could have been handy by, difficult to know really. I have seen them leave calves for a while, whilst they go off to forage, although Its possible the youngster was lost. after a few more minutes I saw it no more, lets hope it was back with mumsy!