Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter Bottlenose Spectacular seen from Shore!

A report in from Sea Trust supporters Marian and Richard Jenkins who have a caravan on a site between Cardigan Island and Mwnt and were watching from the coast.

Marian tells me that on Saturday morning she her husband and a local farmer who was working in the fields nearby enjoyed the marvellous sight of a big pod of 30-40 Bottlenose Dolphins heading North past Mwnt from Cardigan Island . They were leaping with as many as half a dozen animals in the air at any one time! The group also clearly included calves a really nice early report,Thanks!

Porpoises put on a good show at Strumble on our Sea Trust Easter Porpoise watch last Sunday. They were a bit distant but dozens of people used binoculars and our telescopes to get good views!