Sunday, 24 May 2009

Lembit Has Landed! crustacean rather than cetacean!

When Lembit the giant Lobster was donated for exhibition, by Fishguard fishermen, brothers Titch and Gethin , they presented Sea Trust’s Cliff Benson a slight problem; how to house the lunker lobster!

“Lembit is huge and was in urgent need of a temporary home until I could work out what to do with him said Cliff. Thankfully I remembered that Pete Gleed at Pembrokeshire College had a really big tank . We dashed off to the college where Pete put Lembit in the tank , it was touch and go and we nearly lost Lembit , but with Pete’s expert care, Lembit survived”.

“Thankfully the Pembrokeshire National Park solved our next problem of how to exhibit Lembit by lending us another really big tank which we installed in the Ocean Lab, but our big problem was how to fill it with over 150 litres of fresh Sea Water. Thankfully appeals in the local press and radio were answered and over twenty volunteers turned out at short notice to the Ocean Lab, Fishguard Harbour on Saturday Morning to form a human chain of water carriers. Their mission was to fill the massive aquarium with sea water to house the colossal crustacean, Lembit the lobster!

It was a really great community effort and worked really well, with mums, dads, kids, grandparents (even a baby) involved, carrying the sea water in buckets from the slipway to the Ocean Lab. It took less than an hour, everyone had great fun and Lembit now is able to stretch is mighty claws and show them off to the public.

Quite a few people asked me why call a lobster “Lembit”? It just popped up into my head, I think “Lembit the Lobster” rolls of the tongue, nothing to do with a certain Welsh politician , Cliff added, ... that would be a bit too cheeky! “