Tuesday, 12 May 2009

May hmm...maybe?

Not exactly great weather for Cetacean watching here in Wales so far this month.
All sorts of adverse conditions but today I took a look around Pen Caer /StrumbleHead.
Its a circular walk culminating at Strumble. the wind was blustery from the East Nor East. N0t exactly what you would hope for as it creates a nasty onshore chop, sharp and mixed up.
None the less there was a large feeding flock of Gannets and gulls stretching over half a mile of the tide race and in amongst from start to finish Porpoises slashing the surface causing rips of spray and giving brief but discernable glimpses of backs and fins as they foraged in the foamy chop. How many...? I dont know 50+ minimum but it was certainly a heck of a lot more than the books say! allthingsgood, cliff