Thursday, 4 June 2009

Colley Boxes Clever!

Rob Colley and his Gower Marine Mammal Group who are partnering Sea Trust in surveying the Western Bristol Channel for Cetaceans had an incredible day yesterday (Wednesday)
whilst surveying the Eastern box;

casual sightings (to-from survey box), 17 encounters: 23 porpoise, 110 Common dolphin.

transects: 41 encounters: 36 porpoise, 217 Common dolphins, 8 Minke, x1 Fin?/big whale.

Aurelia jellyfish: range of estimated # - "10s of thousands" - "millions".
2 Black terns, one Pom. skua, one Great skua

Rob thinks one of the Minke's had a distinguishable fin that may be the same as another seen two years ago... The large whale sounds like a Fin , hopefully examination of photographs will clarify. When I spoke to Rob he described the Minke's coming up to and circling their boat!

The Jellyfish angle looks like a big clue, must be lots of plankton production going on!