Sunday, 28 June 2009

Gotcha! and a bit more cetnews...

Yep Rich, a pretty hectic few days on the Dolphin Coast, including now a wall of Common Dolphins a mile long and several deep! I rekon 1500 minimum but we will never know for sure! If it had been as calm as the last superpod in 2005, It may have been even more because the distant ones were lost in the chop!
Had not time to put in results of Stena Ferry Trip I did Friday/Saturday and it seems a bit of an anticlimax now but produced 3 seperate Minke sightings, Common dolphins and most gratifyingly Porpoises at Strumble.
Just to make sure I was not deluding myself after hours of hardly seeing any over the last few weeks, I got off the ferry and drove to Strumble where 20 minutes of Click Counts (4x Five minute click counts within an hour) produced a total of over four hundred sightings or 20+ per minute! Back then, but will they stay?