Saturday, 6 June 2009

It aint easy!

The Irish sea between Fishyguard and Rosslare seems to have been alive with cetaceans this week. I had hardly stepped aboard the Stena Europe before I heard the familiar words: "You should have been here yesterday" ...

After several days of flat calm conditions and not too bad a forecast, my mouth watered as crew members described both Minke and Fin Whales breaching, a giant tail fluke hovering, (humpback?) even the suitably taciturn Senior Master, Captain David Farrel enthused about hundreds of Dolphins arounde the ship as they approached Fishyguard.

First time ferry surveyors Miguel Sanchez and Stephen Davies listened to the non stop goodies as the sun shone down on the bridge prior to departure. Within ten minutes the wind rose the sun dissapeared and it began to spit with rain...

And yet despite worsening conditions over the next 20 hours, we caught a glimpse of a Porpoise around Strumble, three sightings of Common Dolphins and incredibly in gale force conditions, two brief glimpses of Risso's.

I wish I had better photo's but as Ringo said, "you know it just aint easy!" The one above which looks a bit like blamonge is in fact a common directly below the bridge wing as the ship was leaping about in a really chunky sea!