Sunday, 14 June 2009

Nice way to start a day!

I awoke around sixish to look out of the window to see fog.

It cleared by 6.30, I took it as an omen and shot off to the Harbour (Fishguard)

The sea was smooth and I saw nothing for an hour I decided to call it a day and drove back to the gateof the outer breakwater. I then remembered some rope I had found, hmm leave it ? go back for it Hmm it was a nice bit of rope back we go...

BINGO! a bottlenose had sneaked in , I caught him just off the end of the breakwater. A scan around revealed a few more, all were running on "unobtrusive mode" just surfacing to breath and then mooving before surfacing, difficult to second guess where and when.

I have said this before and will say it again counting cetaceans accurately is almost impossible. I know there were two mothers with Calves as they surfaced miles apart within a short distance of time There were probably at least for more adults but could have been six. They were well spread out and reacting to a few boats, really difficult to keep a track on.

They were still around when I had to leave to organise our porpoise watch for this afternoon.

Best place to view them from is probably the car park above the harbour at Harbour village, I just hope they stick around and are not too hassled by all the boats taking advantage of a sunny Sunday,