Saturday, 27 June 2009

Sightings Galore

A number of sightings sent in by e mail - apologies for not getting the info on the Blog sooner.

Sighting from Jane Williams - Last Monday 22nd at 18:30, four of us saw 5 dolphins close in shore in Seal Bay, Newport side of the Witches Cauldron. This time I am not sure if they were Common or Bottlenose! We saw a mother and calf again and not too far away, three more adults.

Sightings from Paul Tarrant - I was walking on Rhossili Down, Gower at about 21:30pm Wed 24th June and witnessed about 15 – 25 dolphins playing in Rhossili Bay. They started off in an elongated line and then when into a circle breaching out of the water, with some just leaping and clearing the water in an orthodox manner but at times some would clear the water by about 2 metres and splash violently down. Others cleared the water and stood on their tales whilst spinning in a pirouette. They were a fair way out but observed well by me and friends through binoculars. We watched them for about 10 – 15 mins in what was a truly mesmerising show. Sea conditions were flat calm and tide was full and very high.

Sightings from Malcolm Barradell - 26 June fairly large (c50) and active group of Common Dolphin provided great long distance entertainment which made up for the lack of porpoise in Ramsey Sound of late. Alison Ross and I watched this groupo in St Brides Bay for a good 20 minutes this afternoon, lost lof leaping and side slaps and tail splashing.We saw between 4-7 porpoise which as been the normal maximum throughout the last two months.

Sightings from Bob Relph - From the turn car park at Ynyslas at about 11.30 this morning (27th) I saw at least 2 Dolphins, Bottle-nosed I think, one of them quite close to the shore.Much, much further out, on the horizon in fact, through my telescope I saw two more cetaceans which I thought were considerably bigger than Dolphins. They were moving very fast, heading North and surfacing every few seconds. Sorry I can't tell you what they were but they appeared grey on top and lighter underneath. They really did look big!