Friday, 31 July 2009

Bin the barbie!

Weather clown's don't you just love 'em and yet still a few reports coming in from north and south.
from Merfyn Jones...
I live in Colwyn Bay, North Wales.
Returning home along the promenade earlier this week, we noticed many people looking out to sea near the Pier.
We stopped and were surprised to see dorsal fins appearing near the pier and close to an orange boat with a couple of people in it.
Whether the boat had anything to do with what we were to see, I don't know, but suddenly repeatedly fins broke the water and all the people watching using mobile phones were trying to take pictures.
Really, all I am asking you is...................might they have been Dolphins?

Sounds good to me Merfyn, might be worh investing in a pair of binoculars!

Local Fishermen Titch and Gethyn Rees reported an early morning sighting of at least five Bottlenose Dolphins off Fishguard Harbour on tuesday morning....

Lucy from Lockley Lodge reported that two sunfish had been seen passing by Wooltack point this morning near Marloes Pembrokeshire...

On a sadder note Wendy Innes saw a seal with fishing net wrapped around its neck at Carregwasted near Fishguard. It seemed to be basking on a rock and lets hope its not causing it too many problems as ther is little that can be done for it. If anyone else sees it and there looks like some chance it could be caught , eg lying quietly on a beach we will let Terry Leadbetter know but whilst its mobile there's little can be done.