Friday, 3 July 2009

From Mark W...


The killer whales were seen about an hour this side of Tuskar, & I understand they will appear on the IWDG website soon. They were seen on a Cetacean monitoring trip.

The minke was about the same I guess, as an hour & a half from this side is about there too. I imagine the killer whales will appear with a proper gps position when published.

I also saw several small pods of common dolphins on Monday, but far fewer on my return trip on Wednesday.

The trip back on Wednesday was very calm to glassy, & that makes the amount of rubbish floating about very obvious; we are a right mucky lot!

best wishes

Great stuff Mark , the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group website is always worth a look at. Interestingly we saw a Minke with a calf thereabouts last year, allthingsgood, cliff