Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Superpod on the Telly

Part of the superpod , Photo : Rich Crossen

I was just getting into eating my crunchy nut cornflakes when I heard Bill Turnbull (anchorman of BBC Breakfast News) mention our Superpod. The film was a bit flakey and I had hoped they might have edited it into some shape, but I was only expecting BBC Wales, so its something of a bonus. I am not sure everyone including myself is really understanding the relevence of this, in that it may be a regularly occuring phenomena. The first time we saw a superpod seven or eight years ago we were pretty inexperienced and we just took it as a one off. The second time the media got hold of my film and it got world wide coverage. Its just happened again so on the basis we only manage to get out a few times per summer 3 superpods recorded in seven years begins to look more than just coincidental!
Looks like it was a stopgap until they could edit! there is now a much improved version on the BBC Website:
'Wall of dolphins' caught on film
It will also be on the News this evening...
The superpod has now caught the medias attention with articles and video on many of the national papers websites etc.
I have just recieved a call from Phill Davies who was on his yacht (Broganza III) coming across from Lundy on Friday/Saturday and had dolphins with him for over four hour as he made his way across the Bristol Channel and into Milford Haven. It seems there are literally thousands out there at the moment God knows what carnage the round Britain powerboat race would have wreaked if it had been taking place now!!!