Sunday, 16 August 2009

All in a weeks work!

From Steve Rosser whilst volunteering for Wildlife Trust S&W Wales on Skomer ;
Hi Cliff

Birding on Skomer was poor so I did some seawatching. Results set out below:

Sunday 9th 5 porpoise off Garland Stone
2 porpoise off Skomer Head
Monday 10th Sunfish off Garland Stone seen by Elaine (volunteer)
6 Common Dolphin crossed St Brides Bay in the general direction of Solva
Tuesday 11th about 40 common dolphin travelled from the direction of Solva towards Grasshome. Visible for over an hour but always distant.
Thursday 13th Sunfish off Garland Stone (photo attached)
3 Rissos off Mew Stone seen by Kenny on the Dale Princess
3 Common dolphin off the South of the island
8 common dolphin off Skomer Head
Friday 14th No cetaceans seen from the Garland Stone but one great skua.

You had a cracking trip!

Tight lines

Nice one Steve, quite a small Sunfish bit great to get anothr photo! will be in touch, allthingsgood, cliff