Tuesday, 4 August 2009

From Stevo Lucas and Ian & Sylvia Hotchin

Stevo rang to say he had been watching at Strumble and seen porpoises (at least six) on Saturday. Nice to know there were at least 3 species present there that day.
Ian and Sylvia were out in Fishguard Bay enjoying Sunday lunch on their sailing boat when a fin broke the surface near them. And then more, soon they were sorrounded by Bottlenose Dolphins! It seems whilst we were out bouncing about off Grassholm, the relatively sheltered waters of Fishguard bay were the scene of a bit of a feeding frenzy with lots of Gannets and at least 20 adult bottles putting on quite a display!
Interestingly, Ian did not see any calves or juveniles although he said they were well spread out and he could have missed some. Nice one Ian!