Saturday, 8 August 2009

Risso's round off the week!

Its been quite a week here in Pembrokeshire with lotsa Bottles in Fishguard Bay, plenty of Common Dolphins, Porpoises and three Fin Whales out to sea. And again on our Stena Europe ferry survey we rounded off with Risso's, two sightings yesterday on the way out and a cracking pod of at least twenty on the way back today!

The weather clowns has the wind all wrong and a chunky sea made life hard staring into a glary gnarly sea but we managed to pick out the big beautiful risso's despite the difficult conditions. The pod of 20 is probably the biggest I have encountered in the Irish Sea. Our score rate with Risso's is really remarkable on our Stena Europe Surveys, averaging at least one sighting per crossing recently. If you would like an opportunity to join us on the bridge of the Stena Europe for our Dolphinothon 29th August -4th Sept inclusive email for more details allthingsgood, walrus
Images; Mick Brown'; from a pod seen from the ferry on the 2007 Dolphinothon.