Wednesday, 30 September 2009

And it just goes on!

Taking advantage of the indian summer and Stena Lines generosity, Steve Rosser, Miguel and new girl Sharon Grey joined me on yet another Stena Irish Sea Survey starting off on Tuesday and finishing today.
Again there was a lumpy start but as we progressed towards Rosslaire the sea began to fine down and the light was perfect . Steve Spotted these Risso's , part of a larger pod of around a dozen and also managed to photograph them, The incredible light allowed us to pick things up at extreme distance in the glassy sea adding two more pods of Risso's, Common Dolphins and Porpoises.
The return journey this morning also added another pod of Risso's as well as some closer CD's (also pictured by Steve) and Porp's including several larger pods of up to 20 individuals.
Graham Rees had commented on there being a lot of porpoises recently at Strumble, also congregating in distinct groups of up to 20+. Local fishermen say the herring are beginning to arrive and this may account for this behaviour as porpoises gather to exploit this seasonal bounty.