Tuesday, 1 September 2009

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Monday, 31 August 2009
Martin's Haven: Gannets & Porpoises
Standing outside Lockley Lodge at about 1800 this evening during a break in the weather, we watched the spectacle of a group of about 30 Gannets circling over, following, and feeding amongst a much larger than usual group of Porpoises. We counted at least 6, and as many as 10 Porpoises feeding actively around the area of the entrance to the Haven; we normally only get 2-4 in Jack Sound. Several times the Gannets seemed to dive near-simultaneously almost on top of the Porpoises.// posted by Sash T @
8:18 PM

Record day for sunfish yesterday with 9 in one day. Today another record day for sunfish.......Sunfish can grow up to 4 metres across in warmer waters but the ones we get off Strumble and the UK tend to be circa 1 metre across. This individual appeared very close inshore and we watched it dumb-founded. We estimate that this was a fully grown sunfish.....it was huge. The dorsel fin (pictured with buoy for size comparison) was at least as big as a basking shark fin and unlike the thin fins we are used to on "normal" sunfish it was chunky!This was almost certainly a sunfish - it was moving quite rapidly against the tide and was flapping this fin as it moved in typical sunfish style. You can see from the pictures that it had a large chunk missing from the tip of the fin....try to fill in the missing bit and you can see how big this fish was. (You might think from the pics that this is a shark but it was flapping the fin constantly from horizontal to vertical as it swam - just like sunfish).At all times we could see the body of the fish (all infront of the fin which helps to prove it was a sunfish).......in a different league to the sunfish we have seen off here in the past. I am not going swimming in the sea anytime soon! (Although I think they eat squid and jellyfish)
// posted by Richard Stonier @
5:46 PM

Not sure 9 dosn't just equall the record from memory, I think I have a record of nine in a diary somewhere, but It was before computers and god knows where it is! Not much doubt about the big Sunfish though , well done Richard, and nice observations fro Sash!
On my visits to strumble recently lots of very active porps showing but conditions too rough for a survey, nicee though!