Saturday, 12 September 2009

Seal Pupping Season.

Allthough odd pups may be born in any month, the great majority of Grey Seals in Wales give birth to thier single pup from September onwards, peaking in October with most finished by the end of November.
Strumble Head Lighthouse is a good place to view them, the seals are used to humans there, but please realise they are wild animals, avoid waving or shouting or any behaviour that may alarm them.
Many seals are born in Caves or unnaccesible coves and beaches but some like this one (photographed by Adrian Roger) end up on beaches where the public can easily reach them.
If you do come across one it will almost inevitably be without its mother but this does not mean it is abandoned.
Seal Pups spend most of their early days alone, the mothers only coming ashore to feed them.They often make heart rending wailing calls but this is merely telling mum to hurry up and give a feed. She will not do so if you are nearby.
The best advice is leave them well alone, especially if you have a dog with you. Despite their small size and cute looks they will bite and their teeth are covered in bacteria that will infect wounds.
Nature is neither cruel or kind but birth and death are integral and inevitably some seal pups will die. On the larger picture our seal population is big and healthy.
Whatever the circumstances, our advice is to let nature take its course, but if you are really convinced a seal needs help, contact Terry Leadbetter on: 07970285086