Sunday, 20 September 2009

Stonier and Strumble keep the records coming in...

From RS:

Risso's Dolphin - 6 (Single going East along tide-race - large with lots of "scarring". Later a pod of 5 going East along tide-race: 2 large and pale, 1 medium/large and completely white and 2 small/medium and grey).Common Dolphin - c.10
// posted by Richard Stonier @
5:26 PM

The intriguing thing is that we have often seen them heading east into Cardigan Bay but they are not recorded until they get to the Lleyn or Anglesey peninsulars, do they swerve out into the Irish Sea or merely pass by the most researched area undetected ? I think they must swerve for some reason : answers on £50 pound notes please...