Sunday, 25 October 2009

Despite the weather/time of year, people are looking!

Ali Ross watching over Ramsay Sound

Hi Cliff. Hope you are well. Just catching up with porp news from Ramsey Sound. A mother & calf seen on Mon.19th.Oct. at the south end of the Sound in slack water just out of the ebb tide race. A mother & calf also seen today, Sun.25th.Oct. I had 3 sightings of them moving down the Sound on the edge of the ebb tide. Numbers of porps seen recently varies from only 4 or 5 to a dozen or more on a couple of days. All the best.....Alison
Occasionally I read about or watch on TV, people in the tropics watching or working with cetaceans in smooth seas and crystaline waters. It aint, don't work like that here!
But as I spent most of yesterday working here at my desk, I thought Alison would probably be out looking at her Ramsay porps, and good old Ray was there to log the Risso's at Strumble.
I suppose the fact that we have so many great observers out there is one reason why we record so many cetaceans and other wildlife. The two things are almost a chicken and egg thing but neither would exist without the other, that I am certain of. Keep up the good work!
allthingsgood, walrus