Saturday, 17 October 2009

Dolphin soup!

Nice report Rich , I should say that we should have been out with Nick yesterday, had he not suffered an out "of the blue" electrical glitch that scuppered what I felt was possibly our last chance to take advantage of the calm weather we have been experiencing recently.

Nick and I were both gutted at having to abandon yesterdays survey but luckily, Andy stepped in at the last minute and I managed to get a crew together for the Cartlett lady.

And so, as Rich says, we had a phenomenal day! (See Photos here) after an unpromising start which nearly caused me to abandon "The Box" everything started to come together and we began a day of almost continual Dolphin encounters. At times there seemed to be so many dolphins riding the pressure wave on our bows that there were more dolphins than water , a dolphin soup! That there were good numbers of calves and subadults within the pods was also encouraging! Thanks to all involved and particularly the Sea Trust supporters like Rich, Gaynor, Alison, Steve, Miguel and Andy... but for me the biggest thrill was being able to show my granddaughter's Phoebe and Lizzie the reason for which I am so often absent for family events. I think they understand why now!