Thursday, 29 October 2009

Risso's just keep rolling in!

Risso's: Steve Rosser
Some more incredible Risso's reports!
Firstly I was surprised and delighted to open an envelope which contained a cheque for Sea Trust, £250 in Gift Aid from Iolo Williams! I rang him immediately to thank him and He also told me that whilst filming on South Stack, Anglesey a couple of weeks ago, an estimated 90 Risso's passed by, some hanging in the tide race and giving an incredible display including breaching!.. This morning in amongst the crop of emails some more nuggets of gold...

From Adrian Rogers...

Went back up to Strumble this afternoon at about 3 o'clock with Rich Dobbins where we met Wendy James from Ceredigion. After about 45 mins of fruitless looking for birds Richard commented on the large number of Porps showing & Wendy then said she was sure there was something bigger out with them . Sure enough we all watched two small groups of Risso's go East just beyond the tide race one with least 6 individuals & the other with at least 3. The larger group contained two large animals & four smaller , the smaller groups animals all appeared to be the same size...

And then from Chris Grayell,
Hi Cliff

a pair of Rissos dolphins at Strumble today, c.0840 hours only just beyond tide race, heading east, both looked the same size (large), but nothing remarkable (scars/markings, etc...)about either.


This really has been an exceptional year for Rissos sightings which leaves me wondering why Its definately not all down to good watching conditions or more observers Iat least I don't think so... any ideas?