Monday, 23 November 2009

Wooltack Point 21 & 22 November

A couple of sea watches on Saturday morning(about one hour) and Sunday morning (3 hours) produced sightings of Common Porpoises. In both cases the tide was flowing strongly north, although this was not always apparent on the surface due to the strong wind and wave action.
On Saturday we saw what appeared to be two small groups of 2-4 porpoises, but on Sunday just a single group of 2-3. Unlike the summer, there were no Gannets overhead to "mark" the porpoises out to observers, but good numbers of other gulls and auks in the area (highlights were a Grey Phalarope and a Bonxie).
Also very good numbers of seals: at least 4 directly off the Point, and another 2-3 round the corner in Wooltack Bay