Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Pair of Porps off Cemaes Head

Spotted a pair of Common Porps on the rising tide today at around 3.oopm ish.

Today's sighting wasn't from aboard "Razorbill".....I've been out on assessment with the Lifeboat....

The sea was flat calm until midday when onshore S /SE wind really picked up. As we were at anchor inside Cemaes Head, we spotted the Porps. They were pretty close in and were slowly making their way past the headland down the coast (toward Ceibwr direction). The seals were out in force and I was also distracted by a Peregrine which took off after a Fulmar...it half heartedly bombed it for a while and then decided to give up on it.....was hard to concentrate on assessment when all that was going on!

Was glad to get off the water as it got dark...it's the first time I've felt properly cold this year! Dan.