Monday, 11 January 2010

Happy Birthday Stevo!!! Coastal access success!

Met up with "Stevo" Lucas today with Math Davies at Stevo's homeand shared some birthday cake! Stevo and his parents Delyth and Anthony had been feeding the fish and octopus in our Ocean Lab exhibit whilst I was snowed in. He and I had tried to get to Strumble without success but ...

Hi Cliff. Hope you're ok & not still iced in. I managed to get up to Ramsey Sound today, Mon.11th.Jan, the first time since New Year's Day. Only the weather prevented me going up before & I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms!!! Not many porpoise there, only sightings of 2 in the ebb tide race. Not great numbers compared to some days there but I look on it as seeing 2 porps is better than seeing none at all. Nice sightings of birds as well, lots of lapwings & fieldfares feeding in the fields. All the best.....Alison