Saturday, 2 January 2010

Mystery starts the New Year along with our Porp Watch

Our New Years tradition of a Porpoise watch at Strumble got off to a great start thanks to Radio Pembrokeshire plugging the event and flyers by Catherine Davis and Stevo Lucas (above, facing in hat)... We started in bright sunshine and had to cut the event short as a mini blizzard swept in from the sea! Sadly no porpoises seen but the 80 supporters who came along seemed to enjoy our wevent especially the walk with NP warden Ian Meopham. Not sure what was causing Alisons splashes but It does not sound like a seal to me?
Hi Cliff. Good sightings of porpoise in Ramsey Sound on my last couple of visits. Mon.28th Dec, probably about 8-10 in the ebb tide race & moving north at the start of the flood tide, a couple of sightings of one logging, behaviour I don't see often, but have seen a few times. Probably similar numbers seen today, New Years Day. Not somuch in the tide race itself, but more on the edge of the tide or in the slack water where there are often eddies & upwellings. Some splashing caught my eye on the far side of the Sound as I was about to leave. I could see a dark shape coming partly out of the water & then falling back with a great splash. It was moving up & down in slack water followed by a large flock of birds. My immediate thought was that it was a cetacean of some kind but I could see no dorsal fin. I can only conclude it was a seal although I've not seen seal behaviour like that before. Could it have been stunning fish in some way? All the best.....Alison.