Sunday, 7 February 2010

Porpoise with big damage to fin...


Could you please post this on the blog? It would mean a lot of us if someone has seen this animal at Strumble. This picture was taken at Penllechwen on the 6th of feb 2010 at slack tide.

Tomorrow, we will be observing at Strumble at 12:00 to 14:00 approx. Aniek will contact you tonight regarding a possible visit at sea lab.


Van: Cliff at Sea Trust []Verzonden: do 4-2-2010 10:14Aan: Berg, Aniek van denOnderwerp: RE: Data Records

We did look at porpoises with notches in their fins some time ago but I have never seen such horrific damage to a porpoise, though once or twice to a Common Dolphin. I dont think this animal has been seen before but If anyone is familiar with such an animal please let us know.
Also well done and thanks for your contribution Ernst and Aneike !