Friday, 19 March 2010

Not good news from Steve...

I set out below an extract from the sightings page of Glamorgan Bird Club (not my sighting I hasten to add) . The location was south of Lougher Bridge. Its not all good news on the cetacean scene. Been a long while since I had look here so was pleased to see a Spotted Redshank. Also 36 Brent but most unusual of all, a freshly dead Harbour Porpoise on the sand. Probably by-catch!
Steve Rosser

Thanks for this Steve, and in I am setting this in the colours of the Dragon in the hope we redeem ourselves tommorow on the rugby field ...
Hmmm... yes anyhow its a sad thing and there is little real protection for our marine evironment or its biodiversity. In the past couple of weeks since the scallop fishing season has been reopened, sightings of Porpoises in Pembrokeshire have plummeted in places where they were consistently high. Thanks to several dedicated watchers we have evidence to prove this and will carry on the surveillence .
allthingsgood, cliff.