Monday, 15 March 2010

Slim pickings but "Splitfin" puts in a fourth apperance...

Dear Cliff,
Little porp activity at St. David's Head and Pennlechwen today. We did observe splitfin again. (She) was accompanied by a juvenile porpoise that we have seen in Split's close company twice before. Despite of her injury, it looks like she is still able to contribute to porpoise continuity.
Cheers, A&E

Hi Cliff,
Spent about 5 hours at Strumble today, saw 1 porpoise in tidal race just before full tide,
only saw 1 in 5 hours.
quite a few gannets around in late afternoon.
Dave and Sharon B
Difficult to apportion the blame for poor showings of Porpoises in the calm conditions we have been experiencing.
It could be the big tides, it could be the disturbance caused by the recommencement of scalloping.
I saw lights close in to Fishguard on Saturday night, was it an innocent vessel going about its legal way or a scalloper coming into the 1 mile exclusion one for some easy pickings? I am told "Crynogwen" the fisheries protection vessel is laid up due to a shunt which is something the scallopers will be well aware of.... We really need to keep an eye on this.
The fourth sighting of "Splitfin" since early February by our keen young Dutch crew! the observant will see this is two pic's of the same animal joined rather than two seperate animals. side by side.
It seems sad that such a horrific injury should have been inflicted on this animal but it is working to our advantage in terms of monitoring site fidelity. All the St Davids observers have really done sterling work, and I bet Alison is out there as I write this, well done all!