Sunday, 7 March 2010

Things are moving in Ramsay sound!

Hi Cliff. Hope you're ok. Had such a rewarding afternoon Sun.7th.Mar. up at Ramsey Sound. Watched porpoise moving down the Sound at the end of the flood tide, probably 15-20, maybe more. They just kept on coming! This included 2 calves & an adult with a very damaged dorsal fin, in my humble opinion, identical to the one spotted by Aniek & Ernst at Penllechwen & off St.Davids Head in February. A lot of porpoise activity in the ebb tide where I had a sighting of both mothers & calves together on the edge of the tidal race. All the best.....Alison.
From Colin Butters;Cliff
Spent some time at Strumble Head on Friday the 5th March.
There appeared to be Porpoises everywhere including under a Gannet feeding flock. I made a sweep with the scope from inside the observatory and had a count of 19 individual animals. Before I did this sweep, I noted one Porpoise with a 'notch' in the dorsal fin. This notch was about one quarter of the way down from the tip of the fin and the notch was about half of this length towards the leading edge if you follow me. It was not unlike a couple of pictures that I have seen either on the Whales in Wales or Seatrust Blog. Weather was sunny, cold, wind in the north and sea state estimated to be between 2 and 3.

Perhaps the most interesting thing here and also in our ferry survey is that again we are seeing winter calves despite the lowest sea temperatures... I think A&E also had another view of "Chopfin" last week , we will have to speak to Colin and see if he can give more info on notched Porp, but as digital Photography etc improves I hope everyone will be able to afford the equipment that will really help to solve these enigmatic queries.