Thursday, 1 April 2010

Early morning porp and fifth sighting of split-fin... ferry survey...

A phone call from Becky Hotchin this morning who told me she was watching a porpoise out of her window looking down on Fishguard harbour had me out looking before breakfast but It had gone before I could get there ... I later heard from Tony Lucas who had been informed by somone else of the porpoise in the harbour (Chris Williams) both reports tallied, nice to have independant confirmation!

Last week we had Amber Farmer doing work experience with us, a keen and intelligent young loocal girl who I hope will continue to be involved with our work along with her father Ian. We made a spur of the moment ferry trip which on the outward leg on Wednesday was inbcredibly calm although only porpoises were seen. the return was quite choppy but Ian spied a couple of Porpoises right on our bows as we approached Strumble. I look for wards to seeing Ambers report on her week with us! As a first language Welsh speaker its really good to be able to support her in trying to attain her career choice. Hwyl Amber!

Its sad to loose Ernst and Aniek, who put in a very impressive performance and as Malcolm reports, a fifth sighting of split-fin, incredibly the most sightings of an identifiable individual animal we have ever recorded!

Hi Cliff,
a good showing by porpoise in the sound today, had eleven in one of my five minute scans, meanwhile Ernst and Aniek were seeing porpoise at St Davids Head (c3) including a fifth sighting of the split fin.

I was interested to read Alison's concern, we were discussing it a few days ago whilst out in the sound.
The numbers in the sound today are about average for the year, numbers have been down but the frequency lack of occurance in the sound is more noticible.

I think the main thing is to maintain a consistant method of recording such as the one that I have used over the last four years.
I still watch from all three sites which cover the North as well as the South of the Sound.

Ernst and Aniek whom I invited to here to help with my project whilst fulfilling their own research objectives. have spent a lot of time watching from St Davids Head and Penllechwen with some interesting results.
It seems that porpoise are often around those areas when we normally assumed them to be in the sound.
The results of my own observations and E&A's will be written up by the end of April.
Watch this space!