Friday, 30 April 2010

Fishy-guard Dolphins

A chilly early morning visit to Fishguard Harbour made leaving a warm bed worthwhile when a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins were again discovered making a dawn raid. At least a half dozen individuals were inside the harbour mouth when I arrived with others out in the bay. I presume they are the same pod I saw a couple of weeks ago and which were also reported by Stacey Weeks, our MMO volunteering with Celtic Diving this summer. During a half hour or so as the sun rose above Dinas Island, the dolphins moved to and fro concentrating in feeding frenzies as they herded fish together in the harbour mouth. I was reasonably pleased to see that I had managed to get a few images of the dolphins and their prey together including the middle right with a fish in the dolphins jaws. I think its either a bass or a sea trout, none the less it is important evidence of the fact Fishguard Harbour is a feeding site for our Bottles!