Saturday, 24 April 2010

Split fin there for third month!!!

Hi Cliff,
did an overnight out at the sound, there were c8 porpoise still in the sound as the sun set, also another positive id of the split fin with her calf, a smaller number c5 were present for a while this morning.
At this point I would like to recommened a book to all cetacean lovers, Its by Alexandrea Morton and is entitled "Listening to the Whales" it is an extrodinary account of a womans dedication to the discoverey of our more intellegent cousins, the orca,s.

cheers for now

I do not think anyone would dispute the fact that Malcolm Barradell has progressedand redefined monitoring one of the UK's best cetacean monitoring sites, Ramsay Sound, and along with help from Alison Ross and others such as Ernst and Aniek have probably put together one of the most substantial and important pieces of cetacean monitoring in European waters from the viewpoint of consistency, seasonality and week in week out observance.

The most substantial observation so far as I am concerned is that one identifiable porpoise has been resident for at least three months which has never before been confirmed in British or (as far as I know) European waters. Splitfins disfigurement seems not to have jeopaardised his/her capability to survive but ironically may proved the case for residency and proved the need to classify Ramsay Sound as a European Site for Special Area of Conservation for Porpoises as a species within the Habitats and Species Directive.

This is groundbreakimg stuff !!!