Sunday, 11 April 2010

Porps and that Picture...

Report: On thursday 8th April me and my Dad saw one lone Harbour Porpoise at Mwnt at 240pm.We saw it again at 3.10pm It seemed to be fishing

Hi Cliff. Hope you're ok. Porpoise in the Sound today. At least 6 which is'nt a high number compared to some days but they were in the Sound for the 5 hours I was there. That included a couple of sightings of a mother & calf which was really exciting.....all the best, Alison.

Also a few Porpoises showing at Strumble today which is encouraging. We also had mothers and calves off the ferry last week , they really do seem to give birth at any time of the year even now when the water is at its coldest.

Elfyns Orca mystery is a bit of a poser. I can't see the white eye patch that should be visible but of course may be obscured by shadow and the mouth is pretty difficult to define. Other than those provoso's, Orca would be favourite. Not sure if the "fish" has been cropped but again porpoise would be a possibility. There have been at least two different parties of Orca's reported around the Irish Coast last week, one pair off the Saltees which is no more than a couple of days leisurely swim to North Wales for an Orca!