Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Bottlenose Dolphins off Aberystwyth

My wife's colleague Ray Bowen is in the enviable position of living on Felin-y-Mor Road Aberystwyth which overlooks Aberystwyth harbour and Cardigan Bay. Ray has told me that they often see dolphins from the comfort of their home during the summer months. Just after 8pm this evening Ray was speaking on the phone with my wife when his daughter Sophie Bowen stated that she was at that very moment watching three bottlenose dolphins from the lounge window of their home the dolphins were foraging and occasionally breaching out of the water. She stated that one of the dolphins was smaller than the other two and therefore surmised that they were a family of bull cow and calf but I reckon they were probably a cow and this years calf and a previous offspring. Ray described the sea as being mirror calm. How many people I wonder can boast that they can actually regularly observe bottlenose dolphins from their lounge window!
Anyway Sophie thanks for reporting your observations and do please register on this site and enter any observations you have of dolphins or porpoises your contribution will be of interest to all of us who regularly look at this blog and it helps to build up a picture of the movements of our semi-resident population of bottlenose dolphins.

Information entered on behalf of Sophie Bowen.