Friday, 28 May 2010

Distant Dolphins

Whilst enjoying the glories of North Pembrokeshires coastal wildflowers, we stopped off at Ceibwr Bay. Its a place near where I have encountered Bottles whilst in various boats so its always worth a look. Sure enough a couple of miles out, gannets were feeding and beneath them big swirls of water and Bottlenose dorsals and tails. Far too distant to get a real indication of numbers but there seemed to be quite a few, circa 15-20. The picture aint going to win any prizes but it does show the kind of distant view you might get of a bottle. They were feeding on the surface and there is an impression of size and power, that you would not get with a Porpoise or a Common Dolphin. This also shows the advantage of calm weather viewing as were there any significant waves, the dolphins would not have been obvious.