Monday, 10 May 2010


Update: 11th May

Hi Cliff,
here is a nice pic of the Ramsey Sound pup and cow, I 'm calling the first of the year.
No porps in the sound today and no sign of this pair, i think mum as moved them to safer haven, away from the prowling bull that was around.

Hi Cliff,
At the South end of Ramsey Sound today. There were a couple of poroise,then a few, then several, (7/8) then they were gone!
More interesting was the seal pup by the old copper mine at Penmaenmelyn.
I saw the cow feeding a two to three week old pup, I had previously seen this cow hauled out at the same spot a couple of times recently, (she has a deep cut/scar on her back) but I did not know there was a pup.
I got some pictures but not managed to download them yet, nice bit a film too which might be useable at the ocean lab display.
Will get them to you soonish,