Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bristol Channel cetacean fest, first Risso's...

From Steve Rosser who was surveying with Rob Colley and the Gower Marine Mammal Group, in the Bristol Channel (and was with us on the Cartlett Lady on Sunday)...

Hi Cliff

Sunday was brilliant but Tuesday (8/6/10) with Rob was even better. He has details but highlights were:

2 minke........ one so close we could have stroked it
1 larger whale....... unidentified
2 rissos
lots of pods of commons each about 20 - 30 animals ( I guess 15 - 20 pods but but you know what its like. They were all recorded)

13 1/2 hours at sea. Knackered. Awesome

Tight lines


I have since spoken to Steve on the phone and this brief description does not really do the trip justice. It sounds like the whole area was bouncing with common dolphins, one pod of which also contained two Risso's. Pictures courtesy of Steve, are of Minke's. Although Steve would never want to claim them as works of art , they do show how easy it would be to comfuse them with porpoises at a distamce!
On the subject of Risso's Steve's sighting is the second of the spring. Our first confirmed sighting of the spring (2/6/10) comes from Edward Hughes who was just out of Kilmore Quay harbour on the SE tip of Ireland, heading home to Fishguard. Two adults were seen inshore heading towards the Saltee's. This was the same day as our ferry survey and we saw him passing by on his way home sadly no Rissos's though!