Saturday, 5 June 2010

Inquisitive Bottlenose

Have just got back from a days Dive Charter with 5 divers from Manchester. Two dives, the first a drift dive from around 22m depth (West off the island until we hit that depth) and then drifting with the current for 40 minutes towards the Mwnt direction (flood tide). Lots of feeding gannets as we headed out and could see Dolphs in the distance feeding also....As we drifted topside Dolphs were all across the bay. As the divers surfaced and made their way to the boat this inquisitive Dolph approached them....I must stress that we do not drop in next to /we do not chase Dolphs as anyone who has been out with us will testify. Needless to say the divers in the water were blown away by the encounter.
Here are a couple of pics I took from the RIB as they surface swam back to us...The dolph checked them out for a couple of minutes and then left...

Out of Porthgain tomorrow to dive the Vendome and Dan Beard...Dan