Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Midsummer Porpoise Strumbling

Sixty two porpoise watchers watched the solstice sun go down on Strumble Heads porpoises. they came from all over the county to attend the Sea Trust /PCNP Midsummer porpoise picnic last night!
The glorious weather added to the event as porpoises were seen blowing , their vapourised breath being highlighted by the lowering sun. It is something we seldom see although in the past porpoises were known as puffing pigs!
Park Ranger Ian Meopham explained the marine geology to the porp watchers, whilst Sea Trusts volunteers explained about the different cetaceans and other marine wildlife that have been seen there over the years.
Ironically the position of the sun going down meant that the porpoises were quite hard to see in the glare
but most people got a good view as the porpoises were quite active at one point, even breaching!
Extra interest was provided by the steady stream of Manx Shearwaters passing by the headland en route to the Pembrokeshire islands of Skockholm and Skomer.
Special thanks to Sea Trust Volunteer Catherine Davis, for selling our new Wildlife Guides which helped to make the event profitable as well as enjoyable.