Monday, 21 June 2010

A whale of a time around Lundy!

Hi Cliff ,

Saturday 19th was the last day of my Lundy trip. At 12.10 I saw a minke just south of Jenny's Cove on the west of the island and at 12.35 a very large splash but no animal seen. A group of bird ringers were seawatching south of us and they also recorded one minke. From the Lundy ferry, MV Oldenberg, we saw two pods of common dolphin each containing about 20 animals. The first was about 45 minutes and the second about 55 minutes from the island in the direction of Ilfracombe.
Hope you had a good day on the Cartlett Lady today. Steve (Rosser)
Nice one Steve, the Bristol Channel seems to be full of Minke's! The rather enigmatic picture is of a Minke taken by Sean Boyce from the bridge of the Stena Europe last June. Although the whale is not so obvious it, is a lovely example of what we call a "footprint" of disturbed water left by the submerging whale. The tell tale white flashes on the flippers are indicative of a Minke, or (if they were a lot longer), a humpback!