Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Calves continue to show in Ramsay Sound

From Malcolm Barradell
Hi Cliff,
Following on from Alisons evening at the sound I was out first thing this morning (tuesday), again porpoise in the sound (7-9) including a couple of calves.
Some movement up the sound at the turn of the tide but also a group of three with a calf hanging around in the South end well into flood tide.
I had not spotted this calf until I saw my photo's later! the calf being small and well tucked in (you have to enlarge to see it!)

I went over to Penllechwen afterwards and briefly saw, again, a group of three including a (larger) calf.

I have noticed that since the porps in the sound have become a bit more frequent and predictable recently, boats are taking a little more time and care than had been evident before. More relaxing for everybody!
I have to say this is all looking encouraging, one positive point of this blog (which is currently being seen by over 100 visitors per day who presumably care about the wellbeing of our marine wildlife), is that we can highlight issues and also pat people on the back when they deserve it! Ramsay Sound is part of a European designated Marine Special Area of Conservation, not a racetrack.
Malcolm, Alison and others are providing evidence on a weekly basis of the fact that it is an important breeding area for Harbour Porpoise, a schedule one legally protected species under the Habitats and Species Directive. Thats what the Pembrokeshire Marine Code Group is all about. Somehow the PMCG has become polarised into boat operators and conservationists. There should be no distinction between boat operators and conservationists, we all need to be conservationists.
The reason is clearly illustrated in Malcolms photo.