Thursday, 15 July 2010

Ferry good crew!

I was a bit cream crackered after the last ferry survey aboard The "Stena Europe" and forgot to mention that a Pilot Whale was spotted and reported in the mouth of Rosslare Harbour by the bridge crew (Tony Bob and Alan ) last Friday whilst leaving port.

The animal which they described as black, and about five metres long with a big hooked fin, appeared in front of the ship and moved out of the harbour in front of them surfacing several times giving good views. well done guys!

It is a very unusual sighting in the Irish sea as Pilot Whales are generally normally deeep water squid feeders. None the less we had seen Risso's close in as well, maybe there were squid about and the PW had just taken a wrong turn. It occured to me it might have been a sick animal but my Irish Whale and Dolphin Group buddy Mac , had no records of any strandings so far.