Sunday, 4 July 2010

Here and there, Bottles and amother Minke!

Stevo Lucas on top form with sightings from Mwnt of four adult Bottles foraging and milling around a speed boat (who was behaving sensibly) seen between 1-3 pm Saturday . Also a report from friends staying in Newport : 27th June at 9:30am. 6/7 Bottlenose Dolphins at north end of Newport Bay milling around in the same place for about 20 mintues The weather was Sunny and calm seas.
We also had a report of another Minke from Jamie a friend of Niel Couzens engineer of the Stena Europe who had a Minke hangibng around their boat whilst fishing a wreck aqbout 15 miles off Porthgain/Strumble. the animal was inquisitive and they had superb views of the animal confirmed by the white markings on the flippers