Friday, 30 July 2010

Killing the Golden Goose?

Hi Cliff,
took two of my daughters and five of my grandchildren out to the sound today.
We were lucky enough to see some porpoise, but it was brief, mainly due to the fact they were running a gauntlet of boats crossing the sound in one direction or the other.
I did not see a single boat adopt any caution in regard to the cautionary area that Pembrokeshire Marine Code Group members agreed (either side of the bitches an hour either side of slack tide).
Of course the operators willl say they are seeing porpoise and there still turning up and so no problem, and indeed porpoise are seemingly coping with the increased boat traffic, but for shore based observers its not much fun with at least 9 or ten nature boats operating throughout the day and into the early evening.
On top of that there are now always two or three small private ribs dashing around too, everybody always seems to be in such a hurry!!.
looking forward to the Autumn,
P.S. I will be making a formal complaint to Tom about some of what I witnessed today.

There are always conflicts with regards to those who value wildlife for its own sake and those that exploit it for financial advantage.

The Ramsay Sound boat operators were joint authors of the Pembrokeshire Marine Code. It is their code agreed by them but seemingly despite attending WiSE courses paid for by the Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum and multiple other events and meetings, it seems the code is constantly ignored.

Those of us who have a great deal of experience in observing Harbour Porpoises, feel this is unsustainable as an activity in the Pembrokeshire Marine Special Area for Conservation (or anywhere else).

The operators by rushing to fit as many trips in per day as possible, are in danger of seperating calves from mothers, damaging or scaring away the animals that their clients come to see. It is also giving a poor example to private boat owners who are adding to the pressure. In effect they are in danger of killing the "Golden Goose" that provides their income...